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Sea Angling Club

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Last updated

7th Aug 2020



About Us

We like to fish on boats from different locations in the UK, we tend to choose Catamarans for their speed, comfort and space to fish.

We mainly use light tackle for a more sporting approach to fishing, unlike the way it was a few years ago with 50lb Class Rods and Penn Senator reels.

We regularly fish from venues such as Weymouth, Whitby, Dartmouth, Exmouth, Ilfracombe, Torquay and the North Wales coast.

We like to fish inshore as well as steaming out to the offshore wrecks and we are always looking for new venues to fish from.

John Maddock manufactured nails in Stirchley, Shropshire in 1869 and moved to Oakengates in 1878 when John Maddock & Co was founded. At the firm's Great Western Nail Works a wide variety of malleable iron products was made, such as boot protectors. Later bicycle parts, cylinder blocks, and axles were cast for the early cycle and motor trades, necessitating extensions of the works into Station Road. About 1938 the company bought the Lilleshall Co.'s old Snedshill works and laid down there what was reputedly one of the most modern casting foundries in Europe. After the war pipe fittings became the principal manufacture. In 1983 parts for commercial vehicles were the main product. William Lee Ltd. took the works over in 1980. There were 200 employees in 1891, 575 in 1960, and 86 in 1983.

After the foundry closed down the Sports & Social Club remained in operation and along with our Fishing Section it is still going strong.